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The broader context of any given community is often cited, yet is infrequently understood or marginally considered when adopting strategies to shape and implement local policy. The context, of course, is the cumulative result of multiple factors that influence where we live, work and play. From the physical form and functionality to the local politics and economics, every design strategy and planning policy is a response to some aspect already rooted in the community. The objective in navigating this complexity while charting a future path is to first fully comprehend the existing conditions and framework while identifying the opportunities that allow the community to move forward. 

The landscape, planning and urban design services offered take into account such a context – both natural and built – and the challenges that may exist as a result. Strategies are developed that are scale specific (site, district, or community), context sensitive and in a time conscious manner. With a broad spectrum of capabilities and resources, as well as a multi-disciplinary perspective, innovative solutions can be reached for even the most challenging environment or contentious issue. With that in mind, the following are knowledge-base categories for which services are being offered to assist both private enterprises and public agencies. 

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